# 10 Elton John

  • Banned from: Egypt
  • Reason for ban: In an interwiew referred to Jesus as a super intelligent gay man and religious Egypt's Musician's Union banned him from performing in their country.
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    Description source: Wikipedia

    # 9 Björk

  • Banned from: China
  • Reason for ban: She dedicated "Declare Independence" to the Tibet freedom movement during a Shanghai concert, chanting "Tibet! Tibet!" during the song. China's Culture Ministry issued a denunciation through state news agency Xinhua, stating that Björk "broke Chinese law" and "hurt Chinese people's feelings".
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    Description source: Wikipedia

    # 2 Behemoth

  • Banned from: Russia
  • Reason for ban: Band was jailed and kicked out of russia and are banned from entering until 2019.
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    Description source: Wikipedia


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